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Distance Reiki | Womens Chakrubs Other Offerings

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Reiki is an energy healing practice that works holistically on the mind, body and spirit. Reiki is translated from Japanese to ‘Universal Life Force Energy….

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Reiki is an energy healing practice that works holistically on the mind, body and spirit. Reiki is translated from Japanese to ‘Universal Life Force Energy.’ This purifying, high-vibration energy works on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels to rebalance the ‘life force energy’ within us. It brings us back to our natural state of wellness and peace. Reiki helps to reduce stress and promote healing. It actives the body’s relaxation response, helping the body to heal itself from a deep level. As a Reiki practitioner, I channel Reiki energy to you, allowing your body to work its own healing magic.Reiki can be practiced both in-person and at a distance. Distance reiki sessions are beautiful and very powerful! I use visualization and symbols to connect from afar.During our session I will connect with your energy and call upon your spirit guides to assist with healing. I will focus on each of your chakras, channeling energy to bring balance where it is needed. At times I may feel additional aspects of your mind, body, and spirit that may be out of balance and will channel healing energy to those areas. I may receive messages through feelings, visualization, or words that could be helpful to your healing.After our session I will send you a message including anything that comes up throughout the session. I will tell you which you chakras needed balancing when the session began and how each felt at the end of the session.During our session please lay down or be still. Get comfortable. Close your eyes. If you fall asleep during a session, that’s ok! It’s very common. You may feel tingling sensations or the movement of energy throughout your body. You may feel intense emotions. You could feel effects sometime after a session, or feel nothing at all. Trust that the energy is working on a spiritual level.Once your session is booked, I will contact you. I ask that prior to your session you send me your name and photo. This will help me visualize you and connect with your energy. If you would like to share any specific issues you are seeking to be healed, please include that in your message.I look forward to sending you healingMichelle GhossnHoly Fire Reiki Master*please note: you must book and pay for this session through Michelle's CalendlyCLICK HERE TO BOOK


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